100% Peat Free Potted Bulbs - Order now!

The main range includes a vast array of different varieties of potted bulb, more than ever before. Ranging from the firm favourites of Tulips and Daffodils to more unusual lines. We offer a range of speciality bulbs including some stunning varieties of Snowdrops.

Alongside the 9cm and 1L pots we also offer an great range of 6 pack potted bulbs which are a high visual impact, simple pick up line that your customers are sure to love - The 6 Packs include the ever popular Tete a Tete and a variety of others including mixed Hyacinth, Tulip Red Riding Hood, Crocus, Iris.and the firm favourite Mixed. There is also a large range of Bulb Bowls - a 23cm terracotta coloured bowl crammed full of bulbs just to give you something a little different to offer your customers.
All this is backed up with bespoke colourful labels and quality Correx POS.
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About us

Gedney Bulb Company was started in 1981 and has developed into a specialised wholesale grower of Bulbs, Herbaceous and Alpine plants. We grow over 3 million plants a year and supply Garden Centres, Nurseries, Growers, Local Authorities and Landscape Contractors.

All bulbs and plants are graded for quality before despatch and we are continually adding to our ‘point of sale’ to promote plants at the retail point. We have our own delivery transport and offer quick order turnaround in season. We are situated in the Lincolnshire fens on the East coast and provide a ‘hardy’ grown overwintered plant that will grow ‘true to type’. We are also grower members of ‘Linc Up’.