Wholesale Spring Flowering Bulbs 2024/25 - Available to Pre-Order Now! 1st deliveries before the August Bank Holiday

We pride ourselves in offering consistent bulb quality and reliable service, with a quick and efficient delivery service. Bulbs are supplied in the minimum quantities as detailed per variety in the list and the price per bulb is the same, regardless of the quantity ordered (as long as it is above the minimum quantity)

We supply a range of showcases, pre-packs, loose bulbs and nets for retailers. For growers we offer a range of the most popular varieties for potting on and for Naturalising and Landscapers we offer bulbs from cultivated stocks with a wide range of varieties.

Free delivery for orders of £500 net and over, Small orders will be charged pro-rata (minimum £12) with a minimum order value of £50

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Colourful Garden Pre-Packs and Large Bags

PRE-PACKS: A great eye-catching range of colourful and competitively priced bulbs without compromising on quality. We offer 84 varieties of pre-packs all at the same great price of only £1.30 each. We even offer specially selected pre-pack collections of popular varieties and proven sellers to provide you with a great selection with minimal effort. Take a look through our catalogue to choose the best options for you.

BULB BAGS: A selection of best selling varieties (78 to choose from) in these premium rustic feel bags with a modern eye catching colour card attached to the front of each bag. £2.45 per bag with a printed retail of £5.99 on the front and Individually barcoded. These are fast becoming our most popular line and it's easy to see why they sell so well! Why not order the Colourful gardens Bulb Bag Collection. 5 bags x 40 best selling varieties. ORDER CODE: ZZB-COL £490

We also have some large 6ft and 10ft banners available to compliment your bulb display, made from waterproof PVC they are very tough and will be sure to catch your customers eyes.

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Showcases & Boxes

Showcases and Wooden Bulb Boxes are such an easy way to display loose bulbs, just open the lid and away you go! No need to worry about making a display, each showcase and wooden bulb box comes with full colour picture cards of their contents. We are able to offer a superb variety of showcases with over 28 different combinations and 6 different bulb boxes. Add our paper fill a bags to your display for convenience for both you and your customers. Order code: ZBUL-BAG

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Netted Daffodils

Our small nets of 35 bulbs are an easy pick up for your customers from £3.80 per net!
We also have a range of larger bags in 3kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg.

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You can even buy Spring Flowering Bulbs in a collection quantity. Priced at £190, the collection contains 5 nets of any 10 varieties (50 nets in total) from the selection in the catalogue.

Loose Bulbs - Alliums, Bluebells, Crocus, Daffodils, Tulips, Snowdrops, Winter Aconites etc

The best and most efficient way to buy your spring flowering bulbs and ready to reserve now! All loose bulbs come bagged with many ordering quantity options available. Comes complete with full colour picture cards for your bulb display.

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Naturalising Bulbs

All bulbs are from cultivated stock, including the true native Bluebell - Endymion non scriptus - and are suitable for growing in a range of situations from semi-shade to woodland, under grass to more formal plantings. For larger projects we have a bulb planter for hire for under grass planting.


Bulbs for Growers

We list a range of the most popular varieties for potting on. The favourite varieties of Tete a Tete and Red Riding Hood are offered in 2 sizes for potting.

We are able to source other varieties not listed , please enquire

About us

Gedney Bulb Company was started in 1981 and has developed into a specialised wholesale grower of Bulbs, Herbaceous and Alpine plants. We grow over 3 million plants a year and supply Garden Centres, Nurseries, Growers, Local Authorities and Landscape Contractors.

All bulbs and plants are graded for quality before despatch and we are continually adding to our ‘point of sale’ to promote plants at the retail point. We have our own delivery transport and offer quick order turnaround in season. We are situated in the Lincolnshire fens on the East coast and provide a ‘hardy’ grown overwintered plant that will grow ‘true to type’. We are also grower members of ‘Linc Up’.