This year we have decided to expand our Summer Bulb offering. We are introducing easy to sell pre-priced fully recyclable bulb bags. 80 stunning varieties, giving you more fantastic colours, heights, flowering times etc to choose from. All bulb bags come complete with a full colour picture card, with headers matching the flower colour.We are also offering a selection of loose bulbs and bulbs in the green. To complement all of this, colour labels will now be available to purchase for all of our loose bulbs.

Wholesale Loose Bulbs

For 2021 we have expanded our range... again! Due to the success of last years offering we have added some great, new varieties including Canna, Tigridia and Anemone. Alongside these, we have added an extra variety of Crocosmia. If there are any varieties that you are looking to source that we do not list, just let us know and we will try to locate them for you. All Loose Bulbs are counted into their minimum order quantities (100's, 25's etc) . If you would like them in different quantities, your order may be subject to a handling charge.

Wholesale Bulb Bag Bulbs

Our Summer Flowering Pre Packs have been replaced by Bulb Bags for 2021. We can now supply 80 stunning varieties, all individually pre-packed to make a simple pick up line for your customers. Each bulb bag comes complete with a colour picture card attached with header colours that match the flower to create an easy, highly effective bulb display. All bulb bags come in their minimum quantities of 10 packs per "outer" - the outer is the cardboard box they come in, also complete with a colour card of the variety attached to the front.Alongside the single variety outers that we offer, we also offer a range of bulb bag Collections. These are designed with you in mind, to give you a wide selection for a reasonable cost - each collection contains 4 varieties of bulb, each with 10 bulb bags so you will receive 40 bulb bags per collection ordered. You can pick from 11 pre-selected collections, including but not limited to a Begonia Collection, a Cut Flower Collection, Dahlia Dinner Plate Collection or even a collection of bulbs perfect for tubs and containers... all of these are priced at a great £50 + vat. If that doesn't sound like enough for you, we offer two larger collections as well. Our Specially Selected Large Mix Collection will include a good mix of bulb bags from across the range, making your life easier and saving your valuable time ordering that could be spent better elsewhere. Our Large Collection is comprised of 36 varieties, with 10 bulb bags per variety giving you a total of 360 bulb bags for just £450 + vat. All the varieties in this collection are listed in our catalogue, which is available to view on our website, or via this link.If you would like a smaller, taster collection you could try the Specially Selected Economy Collection.


Wholesale Bulbs In The Green

Our range of Spring flowering bulbs 'In the Green' are ideal for Naturalising and are supplied in flower or with leaf. Planting them like this means the bulb doesn't dry out, so you achieve much better results. Another benefit is that you or your customer will have a faster establishing plant and a higher chance of success for naturalising

All bulbs are from cultivated stock, including the true native Bluebell - Endymion non scriptus, which is grown in Norfolk and Lincolnshire. All bulbs are lifted fresh from the ground, counted and placed into bags ready for despatching out to you. Below is an image representative of what you will receive


The bulbs are then counted into bags and carefully delivered for you to plant out or to sell. We supply the following varieties in the green:

Allium ursinum - Wild Garlic

Eranthis hyemalis - Winter Aconites

Endymion non scriptus - True English Bluebells

Galanthus nivalis - Single Snowdrops

Galanthus flore pleno - Double Snowdrops

Eranthis Web.jpg

Wholesale Pot Lilies

We offer a wide range of Pot, Oriental and Scented Lilies.

Pot Lilies are quick and easy to grow, flowering after only 90 days. Planting anytime between mid January and April.

Oriental Lilies are fragrant and colourful, flowering in summer. Planting between autumn and spring

lily collage.png

If you are looking for a variety that is not listed, we may be able to source it. Please enquire to the office

You can download a copy of our catalogue by clicking here.

or reserve your bulbs now using our easy online ordering system: https://www.gedneybulb.co.uk/online-ordering/bulb

We pride ourselves in offering consistent bulb quality and reliable service, with a quick and efficient delivery service. Bulbs are supplied in the minimum quantities as detailed per variety in the list and the price per bulb is the same, regardless of the quantity ordered (as long as it is above the minimum quantity)

For orders of £400 nett and over, delivery is free within a 200 mile radius of Gedney.

Small orders will be charged carriage pro rata (minimum £10) with a minimum order value of £50

About us

Gedney Bulb Company was started in 1981 and has developed into a specialised wholesale grower of Bulbs, Herbaceous and Alpine plants. We grow over 3 million plants a year and supply Garden Centres, Nurseries, Growers, Local Authorities and Landscape Contractors.

All bulbs and plants are graded for quality before despatch and we are continually adding to our ‘point of sale’ to promote plants at the retail point. We have our own delivery transport and offer quick order turnaround in season. We are situated in the Lincolnshire fens on the East coast and provide a ‘hardy’ grown overwintered plant that will grow ‘true to type’. We are also grower members of ‘Linc Up’.