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What with the current national and worldwide situation, we felt it necessary to let you know that as it stands we are still open and fully operational as normal. That aside, we have a lot of great stock right now, ust take a look below to see a few photos from around the nursery of various varieties to get an idea of what everything looks like.

Aubrieta and Saxifrage are real winners at the moment; full of bud, plenty of colour and an abundance of different, stunning varieties for you to choose from. Alongside the Aubrieta and Saxifrage, some particularly good looking varieties are Phlox, Primula and Pulsatilla... again, plenty of colour to give you the high impact you need for your impulse sales. All the varieties listed above and shown in the pictures below are available in 9cm, 1L and 6 Packs.

Selection of looking good Alpines

To add another dimension to your plant area, why not try some herbaceous too? All fully hardy, overwintered stock to give you a strong, healthy, well established plant to offer your customers. Shown in the images below are just two of the many varieties of hardy herbaceous we have available right now. The 2L Alliums are looking particularly good as you can see below, no colour yet but a very strong, established plant.

Herbaceous Images.jpg

Thank you for your continued support and trade from all at Gedney Bulb Company

About us

Gedney Bulb Company was started in 1981 and has developed into a specialised wholesale grower of Bulbs, Herbaceous and Alpine plants. We grow over 3 million plants a year and supply Garden Centres, Nurseries, Growers, Local Authorities and Landscape Contractors.

All bulbs and plants are graded for quality before despatch and we are continually adding to our ‘point of sale’ to promote plants at the retail point. We have our own delivery transport and offer quick order turnaround in season. We are situated in the Lincolnshire fens on the East coast and provide a ‘hardy’ grown overwintered plant that will grow ‘true to type’. We are also grower members of ‘Linc Up’.